Party table

H-stretcher table

After a long search of garden furniture, i decided to build my own and save some money…

I wanted a long-lasting heavy, strong and big table so at least 8 people could sit comfortable.

External dimensions – 2000 mm long x 900 mm wide  x 840 mm high

The work took 3 afternoons 😉

First, i ordered wooden planed blanks at local timber supplier:

  • Tabletop – 4 80 mm x 220 mm x 2000 mm
  • Legs – 1 80 mm x 150 mm x 2000 mm
  • „Skirt” and joints – 50 x 100 mm blanks left from Playground project

Step 1 – 3d modeling

Took me about 1,5 hours.

Step 2 – prepare the parts

First, plane and polish the blanks

Then cut to size and make the gaps

Step 3 – assemble the lower part

Join together legs, strecher and skirt. First assembe using metal screws, fix minor errors and then dissasemble and re-assemble using wooden pins and SOUDAL foam timber glue.

After secon assembly and the glue has dried – treated with wood oil.

Step 4 – the table top

Same as the lower part – premare the wood, polish it, oil it and put it on top, and you’re DONE 🙂

Benches will be made next spring… 🙂

Updated in 2013:

Kiemas_2013-untitled (19 of 29) Kiemas_2013-untitled (17 of 29) Kiemas_2013-untitled (16 of 29)

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